Century Rain

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    Technology has been the best friend of mankind since the beginning of the era but one cannot deny the cost the human race had pay along with benefits. With every invention and improvement in the field of science and technology there was a price in the form environmental and several other global issues. Alastair Reynolds takes it one step further where he tells us about the complete destruction of the human race because of the Nanocaust. That catastrophe made the human beings go extinct within no time and now not even the traces are left.

    Century Rain

    There remains no one to tell the tale but still a group of people under the headship of Verity Auger is on a hunt for clues. The crew got nothing but then a strange thing appears on the scene when Auger along with her group finds a piece of earth preserved at the wormhole. Why that piece survived all the test of time no one knows and is it really a part of earth or something else that is a question.

    They come to know that there is a device that can destroy anything at the end of the wormhole and moreover there is someone or something that wants to use that device.

    John Lee the master narrator is back and does even better as compared to Revelation Space and Chasm City we have never found any weakness in any of his works. For the first time Alastair Reynolds has added mystery and haste to his work to such an extent, it was there in the previous books but never to such an immense level.

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