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The book is the first one in the trilogy of Three-Body in which Cixim Liu discusses once again about an alien invasion and the reaction of the world masses towards the alien race. The story takes place in China where there is a cultural revolution taking place and is not with a successful result.

The alien invasion results because of military communication. The military was all the time trying to establish communication with the alien race but unlikely the alien race which comes into contact is not in a happy mode because it was not having too easy a time in space, it was being destroyed by its enemies when it got the signal and thus planned to invade the Earth in order to establish their headquarters there and after that settle there permanently. But this could only be done after the complete evacuation of the human race. The human race also shows two entirely different approaches towards this alien race.

A group of humans wants to welcome the aliens as friends and the second group wants to get rid of them as they could prove to be a threat to their own survival in the near future. The story gives details of the Chinese Cultural Revolution as well which tells us about certain historical elements in Chinese history. The story moves on quite nicely there is no quick revelation of anything and no abrupt changes of stances and other such things that could make this science fiction a thriller. The hidden agendas are there but they do not remain hidden for a long time. Luke Daniels’s way of narration also gives the book a detailed touch as the story is described as clear and smooth narration.

Ball Lightning, The Dark Forest, and Death’s End are some other books by the same author that most other readers recommend listening to.


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