The Turn

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The Turn became a reasonably good hit right after it got releases. It comes from the best-selling author in New York Times, Kim Harrison. She has been known more for her supernatural type of science fiction fantasies. But this time, it is a rather soft literary fiction, which is quite uncharacteristic of the author but makes a pleasantly good read. The book is still part of The Hollows novel series, which has stories of all the witches and demons. Marguerite Gavin has played the audiobook in her high-pitch and expressive voice. Her tone and expressions made all the protagonists sound really good in the audiobook.

Dead Witch Walking and The Good, the Bad and the Undead are other novels from The Hollows series that defines what the author, Kim Harrison is capable of.

Is it possible for science to save us all when everything else fails miserably?

Trisk and Kal have a unified goal, which was to save their specific species from extinction. But, there was death coming in the guise of hope for them, particularly when a modified tomato fed the world. This genetically modified tomato combines well with the new tactical virus of the government and gave it a very weird mode of transport. Plague was set to arise, which actually happened, while giving the species the ultimate choice of staying hidden. In that capacity, the species could also let humanity to die or maybe show themselves in a way to actually protect them.

Things change drastically with the scientific misconduct accusation. Kal and Trisk flee all across the United States which was completely plague-torn. Will they be able to convince the heads of paranormal species to save their weaker kin?

The challenge was that it wasn’t everyone who wanted to save humanity.

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