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Victoria: A Novel

Daisy Goodwin or Daisy Georgia Goodwin is an English author and a TV producer as well. She has published quite a few novels so far and also some anthologies of poetry. She has some amazing novels in historical and general fiction as well. The Fortune Hunter and The American Heiress are two other beautiful novels from the author that you must consider.

Victoria is a historical fiction novel. The story in this novel starts with the description of a fine early morning. It was just a little less than a month following the birthday of Alexandrina Victoria. She is roused from her cozy bed with the shocking news that Willian IV, her uncle has passed away.

This means that she is now the queen of England. The men who used to run the country had doubts about Victoria. They were not sure that someone lesser than 5 feet in height could run the affairs of the greatest nation of the world. She must rely a lot on Sir John Conroy, her advisor and her mother as well. The Duke of Cumberland, her uncle was also someone on whom she relies. They all wanted to relieve her completely from any burdens of power.

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The young queen by no means is a puppet. She had some really workable ideas about what kind of a queen she would like to be. The first step in this regard was to choose a name for herself.  But whatever was coming next for her was never easy at all.

Anna Wilson-ones has done the narration of Victoria. It was a great attempt and audience in general and critics in particular loved it. Member Benefit

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