Witches Abroad

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Gang of the witches comes back for another action packed adventure tale that will make the fans forget the previous one i.e Wyrd Sisters. Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat have another simple job at hands and they think that it would not be long before they accomplish their mission in Genua. All they have to do is to stop an ordinary girl from marrying the prince of the land, which is of course easier than it looks. An ordinary girl, especially a maid can never get a chance to marry a prince because she does not deserve one.

Though such things happen but in fairy tales alone, Cinderella type stories don’t take place in real world. Three witches with all these things in mind march forward for their mission; there however is still one more thing in their mind i.e their powers that are limited. Also there is a Godmother in their way who is helping the maid in her quest to marry the prince.

A fairy Godmother makes the story just like the one we used to read in our childhood. For the witches it is just another obstacle in their way and why she is helping a maid makes no sense. There are several other girls in the town that could be eligible for the princes that what the need of choosing and odd girl is. Decision depends on Destiny at the end of all this competition between the good and evil.

Terry Pratchett sticks with the old routine that was followed in Moving Pictures i.e bringing innovation to the series for the fans. Nigel Planer is giving a constant performance in narration and these female dominant parts are surely an easy job for her.

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