Year One

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Nora Roberts is a good novelist in science fiction fantasy genre. Her book, Year One is a clear reflection of her abilities and creativity as a fine novelist. The subject novel marks the grand opening of a happening new series, Chronicles of The One. Julia Whelan has given the narration of this woman dominated story, where her powerful quality voice has been quite relatable and enjoyable for the audience.

This promising novel is a story of horror and hope, magic and chaos. It is about a daring journey that promises to unite a highly desperate group of peeps, who are looking to battle for their own lives.

All this chaos and magic thing began on the New Year’s Eve. The sickness finds its way all of a sudden and didn’t took long to spread either. Moreover, the fear managed to spread at an even quicker rate. Within a matter of few weeks, everything that the peeps have counted on began to miserably fail them actually. The electrical grill badly sputtered, which was followed by a complete collapse of government and law. Moving on, as many as half of the population of the world was destroyed.

The place, which was a law abiding one at one time, is now in complete chaos. Just by the time when the science and technology power ebbed, magic managed to make its place. Nevertheless, some part of that was good too, such as the wizardry controlled by Lana Bingham, which she practice din the loft apartment that she use to share with her boyfriend, Max. Some of all that magic was unbelievably evil as well and it had the potential to lurk anywhere.

Of Blood and Bone and The Rise of Magicks are those novels, which you will see at the top of Nora Roberts’s portfolio.




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    Of Blood and Bone


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