12th of Never

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January LaVoy’s voice comes to our ears this time as we start the twelfth book of the series that presents mystery and murders in an entirely new way all the time. Each time when we open a part of the series it’s a new dimension in which we enter and though the result is always the same as we see the club winning all the time still the interest is not lost. The way James Patterson and Maxine Paetro knits the incidents and events are is bound to mesmerize you if you are a mystery lover. We have seen Lindsay Boxer in action no matter what the moment or time is she is always on the move.

We see her fighting crimes even when her own life is on the line in parts like The 9th Judgment and The 5th Horseman. She has never backed down from a challenge but this time she is in labor. Crime does not care thus it goes on, killing and looting people whenever it gets the chance.

It’s between family and job that Lindsay has to choose this time as she is called for duty just a week after she gave birth to her beautiful daughter. It is the biggest case of her career and she cannot back down from it. Thus she leaves the new born and goes to the filed for the solution of two cases at the same time.

A football player is the suspect in the murder case that she starts at first and the second case does not look real to her because a professor is of the view that he is having nightmares about murders that are real. Lindsay does not like the story but then a crime fits to the story of the professor and she is terrified at once on the outcomes of the nightmares. She is gripped in a horrifying fear when the next nightmare is related to her daughter.




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    The 9th Judgment

    The Red Pyramid


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