A Gentleman in Moscow

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This is a fiction and genre fiction story. The author of this fiction novel is Amor Towles. He is a phenomenal writer over the years. He is an American. He is a famous novelist. His bestselling novels are A Gentleman in Moscow and Rules of Civility. He is the winner of the Kirkus Prize. He was nominated for the Audio Award For Short Stories and Goodreads Choice Awards Best Historical Fiction. His best-written novels are You Have Arrived at Your Destination, Rules of Civility, and A Gentleman in Moscow. You can also read his best novels The Lincoln Highway and Rules of Civility are his best storybooks. The audio of this story is receiving fairly remarks from listeners.

The narrator of this is Nicholas Guy Smith. This narrator did a great job. He narrated the novel with a lovely and sweet voice. His voice steals your heart and takes you into the depth of the novel, as you are the part of the story.

The brilliant author Amor Towels wrote this excellent novel. The story is about the character of a man who is ordered to live in five-star hotel rest of his life. The main character of the story is Count Alexander Rostov. He was arrested in the Metropol. Which is a luxury hotel from the Kremlin. Rostov is a strong man. He has great knowledge. He was living on the top roof of the luxury hotel. I think this is an interested and informative book for the readers and listeners.

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This book is a good addition for lovers of history. I listen to this wonderful book twice and recommend you to listen to it at least once. I want to listen to more audio from this good writer.

Excellent job with great effort.

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