A Good Neighborhood

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A Good Neighborhood: A Novel

Theresa Anne Fowler is an exceptional writer of her time. She had quite a few commercially successful novels and has been the cherry of the eye of the critics as well. Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald is a groundbreaking novel from the author that made her a huge star in the literary writing domain. This novel was later made into a famous television series under the title of Z: The Beginning of Everything. A Good Neighborhood is another novel from the author that gave her good identity within the literary fraternity.

A Good Neighborhood is a literary fiction novel by Theresa Anne Fowler. The narration of this novel is done by Elle Turenne is an engaging and powerful tone.

In Oak Knoll, Valerie Alston-Holt is a forestry and ecology professor. He is raising there his talented son, who is biracial. Xavier starts his college in the fall and after a long time through single parenting, Alston-Holt is up against the outlook of any empty nest. Everything was going smooth until Whitmans get into the next door. They were a traditional family apparently with ambition, new money and a mysteriously troubled daughter in her teenage.

Brad Whitman in the family is more of a celebrity around the town, which was due to his thriving business. He made a good small fortune. On the other hand, Julia, her wife escaped her upbringing for homemaking and security of her marriage.

The novel is extremely compelling, inevitable and heartbreaking. The author in this one has got all the ingredients of justice, racism and the conservative religion. She has managed to pull off a feast of a read for the audience. Many of the book lovers have finished this audiobook in a single sitting. It is definitely that good.

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