A Minute to Midnight

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Brittany Pressley and Kyf Brewer narrate the second part of the “Atlee Pine” series in an intense tone because the story touches the personal aspects of Atlee Pine’s life. We heard about her lost sister in the first part but we never saw her launching an investigation. This time however she along with a friend from the department digs deep into the past from which she has been hiding for decades now.

We know about Atlee’s commitment as in Long Road to Mercy she crossed all limits and risked everything for the sack of the case. Now it is personal which means that she would be aggressive than ever. David Baldacci wrote the first part in order to tell us that she could never be her full self unless and until she finds the truth about her lost sister. She is back to where it all happened thirty years ago, her home town Georgia.

The moment she comes to her home town she hears about another murderer with a strange type of way to kill women. He puts a wedding veil on the dead bodies before leaving and in quick succession two cases appeared on the scene and Atlee must track the killer down before he completes the trilogy.

The investigation that she leads in her own town put several questions in her mind, that whether it was the same town in which used to live during her youth. The town and its people were keeping more secrets than she was expecting. Digging deeper proves painful but this time Atlee is focused to face the virtual devils in her mind physically.




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