Long Road to Mercy

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Subjective and objective levels both are touched in the novel that first tells us about the mental condition of Atlee Pine who still has a shadow in her mind. Though the incident is decades old but she is unable to wipe it all out from her mind, the personal feeling effect her work badly but one cannot erase the memories of a family member from the mind.

During her childhood she barely escaped the deadly fangs of a kidnapper but her sister was not lucky like her. She has been searching for her sister since then but it’s all a ghost chase. No record was ever found related to her sister and because of this she joined the detective agency and is among the top rank detectives of the town.

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Still she is without an answer that why the kidnapper left her and took her sister. It is during this mental trauma that she is presented with another case that proves to be the biggest case of her career. She is first hired to solve the case of a missing rider but as she goes deeper in the case and starts finding something far deadly than she imagined the case is taken back from her. The department does not want her on the case anymore, thus she starts an investigation of her own.

The evidence that she gets are so intense that she is ready to risk everything for it even her career. Brittany Pressley and Kyf Brewer narrate as they have narrated The Escape and A Minute to Midnight. The nice chemistry between the two narrators can be observed throughout and they never allow their voices to mix or contradict. Each gives the other a time to speak and then the response comes from the other side.




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