A Secret Love

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Stephanie Laurens is a writer who needs to introduction in English novel writing, particularly in romance genre. Her successful novels like All About Love and All About Passion speaks volume about the repute of the author. The mentioned novels are from her Cynster novel series. The subject novel, A Secret love is also a part of it. She had a diverse skillset that she fully maximizes in her fictional writing and in producing the best characters and stories.

The narration from Simon Prebble would take the audio book experience to an altogether different level. Just as the story draws towards its climax, the stern voice of Simon takes audience to a complete new pinnacle of pleasure.

A Secret Love is a story about a sensual and a mysterious lady. She is shrouded almost always in a heavy veil of black color. She literally begs Gabriel Cynster for helping to protect the home of her family. It was threatened from some dodgy person who was looking to steal it. After failing in resisting the challenge, Gabriel agreed to do the needful. However, the protection ensured would come at a price. From one agonizing kiss to the next one, the truth associated with the reality of the woman could be revealed. This revelation could cost both of them a lot, including their passion as well.

You will really be doing yourself a huge favor by choosing this novel to listen. Everyone has their personal choice and liking. However, A Secret Love is regarded by many as the best novel from the Cynster series. You need to check it out in audiobook format to believe the claim.

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