Neptune’s Inferno



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    Neptune’s Inferno: The U.S. Navy at Guadalcanal

    Neptune’s inferno is not only a novel about America’s most devastating attacks but it also has a historic importance too. The Pacific conflict turned upside down because of this and the results thus were quite different as compared to those of which people thought about. James D. Hornfisher goes in details much deeper that we usually hear or see on the television.

    The author even adds correct dates of the incidents to tell about its originality. The brutal fight took place in the days when media coverage was not that much and missions launched by the armies were often kept secret. Guadalcanal a narrow place to fight became the battlefield for the US and the imperial army.

    Most of the people at that time doubted the strength and the strategy of the US soldiers but the public opinion was proved wrong. Though terrible things happened still the US soldiers never left their portion of the sea. James does not try to exaggerate the story himself instead he adds in it the interviews and the information that he had gathered from different source so that the originality is not destroyed at any rate.

    Neptune's Inferno

    Even the names of most of the soldiers are borrowed from history as they actually existed in the mission. Robertson Dean’s narration is an extra edge that the book possesses. The narration is complete and the description is awesome, the story also reminds us about The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors and The Fleet at Flood Tide related to the same cause though the extremity of the situation is different. the places are also different but not the commitment of the US soldiers.

    Neptune’s Inferno

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