Finding Dorothy


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    It is a fictional novel with a flavor of history mixed like an extra spice in the dish. Elizabeth Letts takes us to the land of the fairy tales and tells a story linked to the one we have heard over and over again in our childhood i.e The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

    The first chapter of the book “Over the Rainbow” is really breathtaking and no one resist the temptation once the journey is started. The wizard world, the witches and the unique characters all have certain history attached to them.

    The novel opens in 1938 when Hollywood decided to make a film out of the old work of Frank and as the decision is made Maud too wants to become a part of all of this. She is of the view that she knows what the book really says and the secrets that are buried within the story. No one can tell about the details that are hidden in the book better than Maud.

    Finding Dorothy

    The Perfect Horse too can be associated with this tale related to the wonderland but it doesn’t share the old link or association of the people that they possess with this novel.

    Sensation goes up and down and there is almost no element that we can associate with mystery still it is worth to listen to in the beautiful voice of Ann Marie Lee and Elizabeth Letts. The old dreams start to come to our minds once again with the return of the legend of the world of Oz. It is done with more detail this time and every portion is given importance which is the key of presenting fictional material because you as a writer cannot leave anything on the reader to understand. You as a writer have to make the perception of the listener for the fictional world that he is being dragged into; all this is done splendidly by Elizabeth.

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