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    After Allen Ripley came back to earth, she learned that a colony has already been set up on LV-426. This is the same planet the Notromo crew discovered the original alien. However, they have lost contact with the colony, which means she needs to tag along with some colonial marines to know their fate. They also have a mission to terminate the Acheron, some aliens found on the planet.

    It is the sixth book in the Alien book series. The narrator William Hope also did a very great job. He provided the perfect diction for the characters in the movie.

    If you are an ardent follower of the Aliens series by Alan Dean Foster, you will definitely love the blockbuster action-packed events in this one. The excellent characters coupled with a great plot development makes this book a very engrossing read. Alan Dean captured the scenes and characters just like he has always done in the previous book like Alien: Covenant Origins. Each character description is a perfect representation of their respective roles in the book.


    It is certainly a blockbuster series with lots of highs and lows. The rapid-fire action surrounding the wonderful characters makes this book a very interesting read. I’m already been made into a movie. This is not the usual Alien storyline you are used to. Just like the first two books in the series, this one follows the movie scenes with perfect character representation all through the book.

    The book is a long read, but because of the high level of suspense and high packed action, it doesn’t feel that voluminous. The narrator handles multiple voices to great perfection. Overall, the audiobook is a good continuation of the Alien series as it provides more answers to the questions in the previous books in the series.

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