Another Man’s Moccasins

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Craig Johnson is back with a bang with another astonishingly grasping novel, Another Man’s Moccasins. The novel itself is chapter 4 of the subject series. George Guidall as always is at his usual best in giving the most meaningful, powerful and relatable narration of this novel.

The crime mystery stories of the author earned him a very high position in the league of contemporary writers. In this fourth installment of the Walt Longmire saga, the character Longmire is summoned for the sake of investigating the brutal killing of a Vietnamese girl. She was found dead right long the Wyoming Highway.

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It was not just a straightforward murder mystery. A lot of mystery and secrecy was involved with the killing which Longmire found very challenging to deal with. It was getting stiff with every passing day and untangling it at one point of time seemed impossible.

The beauty of almost all of the Craig Johnson novels is that they are stand alone. You can pick any novel from his archives and could enjoy it to the fullest, and without having any knowledge about the prior books from the series to which that specific novel belongs to.

George Guidall as discussed earlier is the highlight of this audio book. He makes dialogues grasping and his acting skills very prominent through his highly relatable and expressive voice.

This inconsequential novel is so tempting that you really cannot wait to see the other books of Craig Johnson, which also would inspire you the same way.

Death Without Company and The Cold Dish novels from Craig Johnson created a great sense of appreciation for the writer himself, which he truly deserves.


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