Arm of the Sphinx: The Books of Babel, Book 2 Audiobook

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Arm of the Sphinx: The Books of Babel, Book 2

He book is a nice one especially for those who have read the first one in the series of the book of Babel. The continuation is excellent the story is well knit with the previous part and it seems that we are reading the next chapter of the same book. The writer Josiah Bancroft has given details that were left unattended in the first part thus it is a more elaborated version that reveals certain facts that were intentionally hidden in the first part.

The tower of babel is further explained that how getting out of it and then rentering is difficult perhaps one of the most difficult things in the world. The quest of Senlin still continues in search of his wife which show his intense love for his wife that is still there and is not decreasing even after facing the difficulties in his path. Senlin lost in the labyrinth with his crew is still hoping against hope that he could save everyone along with his wife which he could bring back from the realm of the dead.

The story originally becomes a thriller at the stage when Senlin is in fix and unable to decide what should he choose or which is the first preference of his life whether it is is friends, his wife, or his own life as he is to choose any one of all these things. This is the sacrifice that he had to make for the mysterious Sphinx in order to end the troublesome journey that has become an endless one since he and his crew got entrapped in the tower of babel and lost connection with the real world. John Banks’ narration is excellent for this fictional thriller which provides surety for action as the story continues.
Other books from the author that may interest you could be Senlin Ascends that you can listen to in your free time.


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