Bay of Sighs

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Bay of Sighs is the 2nd and pen ultimate chapter of The Guardian Trilogy. It is a contemporary romantic novel with a super awesome storyline for the audience to get mesmerized with. The novel and the entire series is written by Nora Roberts, who is a brilliant writer within her domain. Saskia Maarleveld has done the narration of this novel, where her performance and expression was absolutely outstanding.

Mermaid Annika is part of the sea and this is where she belongs. She must return there after her quest is fulfilled about finding the stars. Being novice to this world, her beauty and purity are nothing less than magnificent and that too with her awesome athleticism as her 5 new folks found when they recovered the fire star.

Now, through time and space, Sawyer King, the traveler has brought the guardians to the Capri Island. This is where the water star is concealed. Just as he sees Mermaid Annika in her own element, Sawyer King discovers himself drawn to her exciting spirit. But on the other side, Sawyer King knows that if he could let her inside his heart, no compass could ever manage to help him back to the solid ground.

Their enemy used to brood all in the darkness. She lost to guardians one of the stars, but there is still a good amount of time to be left for the blood to be dripped.

Dark Witch and Shadow Spell novels are also penned by Nora Roberts, who has managed to impress a great lot of audience along with critics once again. It is definitely a good time for the book lovers to go through the audio versions of these novels to have a wonderful and joyous time.




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