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The world of Warcraft by Christie Golden comes to this twenty-third chapter where Azeroth is dying and there is no solution or cure that could save him from his deadly fate. Azeroth gets wounded by the sword of a fallen Titan and the wound in his heart would surely become the cause of his death. There is another calamity that is going to surround everything i.e something under the surface of the world an evil that could endanger everyone’s life equally. The king of the storm, the wind runner, a war chief and the queen of the forsaken are forced to combine their powers on a single goal because this is the only way they can survive the deadly fangs of the catastrophe that is going to take everything from everyone in no time.

A suspicious metal is also there which is named as Azerite with special powers that can do the unthinkable but if used properly by a good soul, in the hand of a devil it is like a ticking time bomb that could blow any minute. Anduin wants to take the peaceful way out of the matter and tries to befriend the Dark Lady but the result is nothing except darkness. Peace between the races that have been fighting for so long is something which is not possible as for the establishment of peace both parties have to forget the dark past and the deaths of the near and dear ones which was the outcome of the previous wars. The story gets a beautiful climax as all should form a single alliance after forgetting the past because this is the only way they can have a future. Josh Keaton has narrated the war scenes with the same passion that was the demand of the whole thing.

Christie’s other books have also proven to be some of the most interesting parts of the famous series including the World of Warcraft: Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War, World of Warcraft: War Crimes and Dark Disciple: Star Wars.


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