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    Lindon’s life has been a mixture of wins and losses, and no doubt you win some and you lose some but this does not mean you can lose your life as well. This time in the third part of the “Cradle” series our hero is fighting for his life and winning the battle seems to be the only way to survive.

    Winning is something that seems to be impossible for him as the opponent is one of a kind, someone who will not provide you with a safe path at any rate. In order to give themselves a chance Lindon and Yerin go to the BlackFalme Empire where they are hopeful to learn a secret art that might help them.

    The art is not that easy and the only way you can master it is through patience. No doubt Lindon has patience but for patience you need time and this is something he does not have. The clock is ticking for the heroes in this must win situation where they are left with a stone in hand against a gigantic mountain.


    Will Wight always make it tough for the characters to survive deadly situations and that’s why we never see the characters enjoying their leisure time. On most of the occasions leisure time is not even there, such issues can be seen in  Unsouled  and Soulsmith and other such stories by the author.

    The narration is simple but it is bearable because the story is quite interesting and the dialogues are just awesome loaded with strong words all the time. Over sentiments is not there because of which too much efforts were never needed by Travis Baldree.

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    Never Have I Ever


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