Blood Infernal

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Ending of a trilogy is always the most crucial thing for the writers and the narrators because it is the ending that gives the series an everlasting touch. If the ending is not proper then the whole impression and the enthusiasm of the story is lost.

James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell have painted the apocalyptic prophecy with a mastery touch and now they present the conclusion in a supreme way. The true fate of mankind is what this whole series searches right from City of Screams. The previous part Innocent Blood even take Jordon and his team near Hell’s gate where they find two kinds of endings one is light and the second one of course is damnation.

The demon Lucifer is awaking in this last part and the three heroes must find the only tool to stop all this. Unluckily it has fallen into the enemy hands and the enemy is stronger than ever now. It is legion they are fighting that proves to be the root of all evil on this earth.

They search the key of salvation in all the deserts and on all the mountains of the world collecting one clue after other as they are left with no other way to protect what is left of their home. Christian Baskous has given his everything to this part and his voice has helped a lot in giving the much needed intensity to the novel right from the beginning of the first part.

The good thing about the narrator is that he too shifts gears in the series according to the situation and the needs of the novel.


Blood Infernal – By: James Rollins, Rebecca Cantrell


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