HALO: Contact Harvest


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    When human colony grew it spread in the entire galaxy and certain places got selected for certain tasks. Among those parts of the colony there was one called the Harvest where all the farming was done. Farming made the people of the land prosperous and also it spread peace everywhere in the colony.

    That prosperity proved to be short lived when the population of this colony by mistake went into the alien domain. Covenant an alien empire existed on the far side of the galaxy and no one knew about their existence till the day when they emerged to launch an attack. Human farmers had no equipment or experience of such bloody battles, all they could do was to look toward the UNSC for a help. Harvest sadly happens to be on the far side of the galaxy so in time help could never reach the colony.

    HALO: Contact Harvest

    Here the writer Joseph Staten adds another super soldier i.e Avery Johnson. Avery is just like the heroes we saw in HALO: First Strike and HALO: The Flood the main difference that exists is his inexperienced crew. The soldiers that come to aid him are all farmers basically and though they have the courage but the lack the techniques and training of a soldier.

    But the narrators Holter Graham and Jen Taylor do not show Avery as a dejected or afraid soldier. He is all pumped up to fight against the Covenant that wants to take hold of his land. Series takes a new turn in the fifth book because it brings to us someone other than John who till part four was the only hero in the series.


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