Lover Reborn


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    The author J. R. Ward is a name big enough to endorse the quality and excitement of any novel that he writes. He is a master storyteller and Lover Reborn is a romantic fantasy that proves all what we claim here. The novel itself is the 10th chapter of the best-selling The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series. The narration of this chapter, Lover Reborn is done by Jim Frangione, who is the voice in all of the installments of this saga. This was a great choice for the job as people loved for what he has got to offer with his controlled voice and expression.

    R. Ward has stunned audience several times with some outstanding books. If you want to try more novels from the author then your best bet could be The Sinner and The Jackal.

    Lover Reborn

    This time in Lover Reborn, there is a vampire who dares to cross the line between life and done. He goes on into a highly erotic and lesser charismatic world dominated by dark desires and even darker dreams.

    Ever since the passing away of Shellan. Tohrment seemed to be unrecognizable from a distance and from the image of a vampire leader, which he was once. He was physically withered, shattered and completely heartbroken and was brought back the Brotherhood through a fallen angel of self-serving kind. At this time, he is once again fighting with the callous vengeance. He is totally unprepared to face any kind of a new tragedy.

    Then, a female having a shadowed history came to his life. Everything changed all of a sudden.

    The author played with all his characters quite well and you will be booked for a long time with nonstop literary entertainment.

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