The Haunting of Blackwood House


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    Horror is an interesting genre among a vast range of audience and a novel such as The Haunting of Blackwood House is a sheer treat for all the book lovers. Darcy Coates as a writer has done a phenomenal job by making this horror fiction an actually horror experience for the readers, and even better, the listeners of its audio book. The author this time entrusted the narration job with Piper Goodeve, who proved to be a good choice with awesome narration given in an expressive and powerful tone.

    Is it possible for you to survive a week or even a day in a haunted house?

    Mara is a daughter of the mystics. Her childhood was gloomy and occupied fully with séances, talks about ghostly presences and some scam mediums as well.

    The Haunting of Blackwood House

    When Mara finally left her childhood home, she was determined that she would never be allowing false religion or superstitious believes to penetrate into her life again. Now, she is looking forward to start her life again with Neil, her fiancé, in a world, which is based totally on facts and rationality.

    But, the bad thing is that her past is not letting her to go forward in her totally new life.

    Neil and Mara purchased the haunted Blackwood House, which is a house just outside the town. They were warned about the supernatural activities related with the house. Doors ten to open all by themselves, bloody prints of hand appear over the walls and sometimes weird voices are heard at night.

    The Carrow Haunt and The Haunting of Ashburn House are other horror fiction novels written by Darcy Coates. The audio version of these mentioned novels are top class and ensure to give you a great joyful ride with an all horror setting.



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