Blood, Salt, Water

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Denise Mina has produced a gem of a novel with the title Blood, Salt, Water. It is chapter 5 of the Alex Morrow novel series. Those who know Denise Mina and the Alex Morrow series must be aware that it is a crime mystery thriller with some outstanding suspense to enjoy as well. Cathleen McCarron has done the narration of this audio book and as per the critics and as well as the general audience, it was a great attempt by the narrator in making this novel sound great.

The detective Alex Morrow in this novel investigates the dark and ugly side of an apparently peaceful and a quiet seaside town.

A very wealthy businesswoman goes missing from her home in a town near Glasgow without any trace. She left behind her husband and kids who were all in a panic state, but at the same time, they were hesitant to any questioning.

While the police was tracing the cell phone of the woman, Alex Morrow, the detective finds out some information about a call, which was made from an unknown and unlikely location.

Helensburgh, a quiet seaside community would be the last place you would go, while looking for violence. But the investigation carried by Alex Morrow discovered some very disturbing clues and also finding a dead body in a lake nearby.The entire scenario of this case got much personal than Alex Morrow could have ever imagined, especially when there was a link identified to someone very close to her.

The End of the Wasp Season and Still Midnight are outstanding novels written by Denise Mina. They are highly recommended for their great storyline, amazing suspense and some awesome thrill for the listeners as well.






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