The End of the Wasp Season

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The End of the Wasp season is a sizzling crime mystery thrillers with some astonishing suspense as well. This book is a product of Denise Mina, who authored it with immense thinking and excellent story line for the audience.

The narrator of this mystery novel is Jane McFarlane, who is a popular name in the narration world and with all her good repute has given a great performance in The End of the Wasp Season novel. The book is chapter 2 of the Alex Morrow series, where its prequel got great appreciation by audience and critics as well.

The death of a tarnished millionaire banker earned no sympathy at all. His dead body was found hanging as in the case of a suicide. But the lifetime selfishness is actually widespread and all this time, he was working to protect his family.

Meanwhile, a fine young woman in a wealthy and a high end suburb of Glasgow is found brutally murdered.

The community of the suburb gets stunned by what that appears to be a random and a brutal attack. Alex Morrow, a detective and a heavily pregnant mother of twins gets called in for the investigation of the murder.

She didn’t took long to realize that a highly complicated network of lies is behind the murder. The network of lies is something that would spiral through the home of Alex herself.

The crime mystery novels are great and becomes even better when they come from an author such as that of Denise Mina’s caliber. If you are interested in listening to more top quality audio books from Denise Mina, then the most recommended ones by the author are Conviction and Still Midnight.




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