Bloody Genius

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Murder is not something new in this world but in the world of the educated people, it’s something which cannot be digested very easily. John Sandford takes Virgil on a college tour this time. The issue appeared to be simple when the two groups in the college had a difference of opinion on the same matter.

That’s not an issue in college as it’s a culture of an educational society to discuss their difference of opinion in an open discussion. The battleground of science is stained with blood soon after the discussion when one of the scholars is found dead.

Virgil comes to the case and comes to know that he is not dealing with scholars instead he is dealing with maniacs who don’t like to hear a word relating to the opposite group even if it is a murder case. They share a wilderness that is usually not present in the normal people and Virgil has not seen such extreme personalities even among criminals during investigations.

Never have we seen Virgil in such a state where he is investigating a group of people that he cannot force to talk. They are all first-grade scholars and finding a criminal among such people is tougher than dealing with criminals. Deadline: Virgil Flowers, Book 8 and Escape Clause are the other two parts of this series that also show some tough situations for Virgil. The novel also shows the craziness of certain scholars and mocks their ways of discussion and criticizes their attitude toward the opponents.

Eric Conger really uses the tone that mixes with the characters of the scholars and shows their wisdom and arrogance at the same time.




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