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Strangest of all the tales ever told by Joe Haldeman, this specific novel does not talk about the aliens or a voyage in outer space rather it is about a strange sort of process. Stileman Process the latest one of the 21st century stops the people from aging which means that one can life forever now. But the process is not that simple since it needs a lot of money to be fulfilled and no one can afford money all the time. For those who cannot afford the charges for the process, the life on earth is more than over.

Stileman Process keeps you young but the process only withstands for ten years after which you again need £1,000,000 for the remake up. Dallas Barr is in need of the process once again because his ten years span is over and he is the oldest one on the planet who has survived till the present day so he needs it quick.

The problem is that he is short of funds this time and during the search he meets Maria one with whom he once had a relation. Maria does not solve the problem for the man who is growing old day by day rather her presence puts him in more trouble.

He comes to know that the company is actually toying with the memories of the people during the process and moreover it is trying to get rid of all of them too. There is no war in this novel that Eric Vale narrates thus it is different from Forever Free and Forever Peace but it has more awe in it. There are conspiracies, terrible secrets and a race against time to survive for many people who are aging because their ten years span is over.

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