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Calamity marks as the 3rd chapter of the highly engaging Reckoners novel series. It is brilliant from all aspects of writing, which Brandon Sanderson has done. This fantasy science fiction novel is written by Macleod Andrews in a very soothing tone.

Calamity is the ultimate chapter of the Reckoners novel series and brings the entire storyline to a very great ending.

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The Epics were born just when the Calamity lit up the entire sky. The fate of David has been linked with their villainy, right since that significant and historic night happened. The father of Steelheart was killed by Steelheart himself. The Firefight stole away his heart. Meanwhile, regalia has developed great enmity, who was once his very close ally.

David was well aware about the secret of Prof and he kept that to himself, even when the Prof was struggling hard to manage the effects of all his Epic powers. But, it was way too much for him to face the Obliteration in Babilar.

Once prof was through with his Epic destiny, he soon vanished into those gloomy shadows menace Epics, which were infamous all over the world. Everybody knew that there is no looking or turning back, once someone gets into those murky shadows.

But, surprisingly, everybody was wrong to believe that. Megan proved it that redemption is very much a possible thing. They are not always lost, at least not completely. Then there is David, who is crazy enough to come up against the most influential Epic of all in order to get back his friend. He prefer to die, rather than coming back unsuccessful with his attempt to save his friend.

Mitosis and The Way of Kings are worth mentioning novels by Brandon Sanderson, which will further inspire you to read more from the author.


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