Captured by a Laird

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Fictional stories are captivating for sure still the voice of the narrator does matter in such stories. The audience wants to listen to these kind of stories in a strong voice that can induce energy and enthusiasm in their mind. Derek Perkins’ services in this regard have been great, the narrator has narrated gems like The White Mage Omnibus: Books 1-3 and Impact of the Fallen in the past. Thus this was not a troublesome task for a legend like Derek Perkins. Author Margaret Mallory begins the series from this part and all the details are present about the primary characters. David Hume in this novel appears to be all geared up at the start of the novel for revenge.

His father was killed in a treacherous way and he vowed that he will take revenge at any cost. However an even bigger tragedy strikes when the enemy dies before David could take his revenge. So David is left with no other option except to take revenge from his enemy’s widow. When he goes to the castle of his enemy he finds the widow quite fascinating. Lady Alison Douglas was married when she was thirteen years of age and since then she had been facing the harsh behaviour of her husband but now he was dead.

Again she is forced to marry and this time David Hume makes her a wife which he does not want to love. When the two come closer, they think that they cannot resist the temptation and the feelings of love which they develop for one another. It is love which both of them wanted and it is the only way they would be able to survive.

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