Carter Diamond, Part Two

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It is time to see the true face of Carter Diamond in the second episode by Ashley and JaQuavis. Finally, the book gives us the true picture of a rising empire which possesses the potential to outsmart every one perhaps including the government as well. Carter Diamond: Before the Cartel, He Stood Alone and this book are very closely linked as they sing about the glory of the same man. He laid the foundation of a group which later rose to the status of a mafia and vanquished all the other minor squads of the town.

Cary Hite narrated the first part as well and here the narration is not the same as the listeners observed in the first part. Everything is bossier this time and sure dominating pitch is adopted for this piece of literature. The man has now risen against all the odds which tried to keep him down in the first part. Now the time has come to answer everyone back who once pushed him out of business.

There are constant fight scenes in the novel along with some hideous alley fights resulting in killings and broken bones of the rivals. And this is what happens when one is listening to the story of a drug cartel. Credit goes to the authors and the narrator who have painted the correct picture of Miami in the time when the cartel rose in power and started dominating things in the city. No one was safe in those days not even law enforcers as everything was run by Diamond Carter. This book ends the story of one man but there are many more to come out of the pen of these two geniuses who have written this.

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    Carter Diamond

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