He Who Fights with Monsters 9 FULL



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Reviewer 1: Jason tends to come across as a preachy self-improvement guru who lost himself but found enlightenment. Every conversation seems to turn into a lesson on feelings and beliefs, which can be tiresome. Additionally, it’s odd that every conversation is perfectly reciprocated, as if the other characters exist solely to provide a platform for Jason’s soliloquies. It feels like lazy writing that undermines the individuality of the characters.

Reviewer 2: The narrator portrays all females in a similar feathery and whispery manner, which can be a bit too sultry at times. However, it’s not a major issue. Overall, the series feels bloated and clunky, with a heavy dose of narcissism. The author dedicates a significant amount of time to portraying side characters as worshipers of Jason, despite his limited experience in the magic world. Jason’s character growth is inconsistent, and he repeats the same actions over and over again. The story has shifted from action and intrigue to soap opera drama and politics, with Jason always being two steps ahead of everyone. The power advancement that was present in the earlier books is now absent. I hope the author can turn things around.

Reviewer 3: The book focuses more on talk and explanations rather than adventuring and healing the poor, which was a disappointment. The fight scene is quickly resolved, and then Jason goes on to explain his newfound power. This repetitive pattern has made me question whether I should continue reading the series.

Reviewer 4: I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and the voice acting added a new layer of excitement to the story.

Reviewer 5: This book captures all the elements that made the series the best LitRPG to date. It combines action, humor, surprises, and character development in a satisfying way. The story progresses smoothly, just like the earlier books in the series.

He Who Fights with Monsters 9 FULL

Reviewer 6: The series seems to be repeating itself, regressing on the same elements explored in the first few books. It would be beneficial for the author to find a way back to the original spirit of the series. Some errors in the main storyline and excessive repetition from different angles detract from the reading experience.

Reviewer 7: This book is a return to the adventurous spirit of the earlier installments. It’s packed with content, exciting moments, and engaging fights that don’t have cosmic consequences. The mechanical writing has improved, with fewer repetitive dialogue exchanges. While there are still some repeated information, it’s not as heavy-handed as before.

Reviewer 8: I understand the concerns about Jason’s character and the author’s writing style, but these aspects have been consistent throughout the series. Jason remains true to his nature, albeit more powerful. The narrator’s portrayal of female characters could use more range, but it doesn’t significantly impact the overall experience.

In this rewritten version, the conversation review is presented in a more concise and objective manner, capturing the main points raised by the reviewers without unnecessary repetition or personal bias.


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