Cell: A Novel Audiobook

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Cell: A Novel By Stephen King

Stephen King has never disappointed his fans in any of his books and this happened in this book again. This is a perfect thriller, suspense, terror and fantasy novel that keeps your heart beating fast and breathe, at its peak.

Though it is a balanced story with the fantasy and suspense added to the extent that keeps the excitement in it as well, it still keeps you terrified of thinking what comes next?. Just like the readers have enjoyed Sleeping Beauties and The Dark Tower I this one is not a light one at all.

Campbell has given life to the words of Stephen King by his flawless narration to increase your interest in learning about the story more and more.
It is a person, an artist in Maine named Clayton Riddle who wants to get rid of all his worries and get rich for his family. Soon he lands a deal and finally knows life will turn around for good for him, his wife and his little son.

Cell: A Novel By Stephen KingBut suddenly the Pulse starts affecting all cell phones in the United States making the majority of the people into living zombie-like creatures who are just attacking everyone coming their way. Three out of all including Clayton survive and struggle to reach out their destination back to normal.

Claytons continuous struggle despite all the attacks and the impossible situation keeps your hope alive but the horror of each moment keep you horrified as well.
In this whole story, you never find yourself getting bored due to the same sort of situations rather each and every moment bring more suspense and horror field moments to keep your heart pounding aggressively.


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