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The Assassin’s Blade

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The Assassin’s Blade is a highly engaging novel by Sarah J. Maas. The novel is for teens aged between 11 and 13 years. Sarah J. Maas excels in producing some great content for young teenagers. This book is part 0.5 of the Thrones of Glass novel series. The narration of this book is done effortlessly by Elizabeth Evans in a very friendly and epic tone, which is highly suitable for the characters she played in the novel.

Celaena Sardothien is believed to be the most feared assassin of her own kingdom. Although, she used to work for the ruthless and super powerful Assassin’s Guild, but she absolutely yields to no one. Moreover, she also had trust deficit with anyone she knew. The only person she used to rrust is his fellow assassin for hire, Sam.

The Assassin's Blade

When Arobynn Hamel, the master planner of assassin sends her on a special mission to hostile deserts from the remote islands, she found herself quite independent with all her wishes that she had in her mind. With this freedom, she goes on to question her own commitment as well. On her way, she made not only friends but enemies as well. She also found that she has a lot of feelings for Sam, rather than having him just as a normal friend. But, Celaena is risking a very big punishment for herself by denying the orders of Arobynn.

Sarah J. Maas has got great affection towards young book lovers. Apart from this subject novel for young teens, she also has proven her class in adult genres of crime mystery, fantasy and even science fiction. If you are looking to explore more novels by Sarah J. Maas, then you must check out her novels, namely, Kingdom of Ash and Heir of Fire.



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