Murder Game


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    Murder Game is a super brilliant novel by the renowned author, Christine Feehan, She has got the privilege of being the best-selling author in New York Time. The Murder Game is a beautiful fantasy romantic novel, which will give listeners a great treat in an unbelievable, yet relatable world of fantasy. The narration of this classy novel is done by Tom Stechschulte, who has been the voice of Christine Feehan in many of her novels. The book, Murder Game belongs to the popular A GhostWalker Novel series by the author.

    Murder Game

    Kadan Montague is known to be a genetically engineered warrior. Kadan gets summoned back from a high profile assignment in Europe. He was there for the investigation of serial killings. The suspect for the brutal killings is his fellow GhostWalker. If the suspect is not found in time, then the entire program GhostWalker would be swept under the carpet. Not only this, but if the suspect is not captured, then it would also put the lives of Kadan and all the other GhostWalkers at extreme risk.

    Kadan makes his move towards a top notch tracker, Tansy Meadows in order to support him in tracking down the killer. This needed to be done sooner rather than later or the suspect might strike again. The last assignment of Tansy got her to the hospital for 6 months, but Kadan has no better option than her at the moment.

    Deadly Game and Predatory Game are other classical novels written by Christine Feehan. Both these along with the subject novel belongs to her popular A GhostWalker Novel series. You will have the best experience, while witnessing some amazing situation depiction, playing around with genres, excellent narration and a great storyline.

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    1. Hi my name is Rodena I think this is a great book but it doesn’t have the first half of the book. I would love to hear the first half. Thank you for what you do have though.


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