Predatory Game

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Predatory Game is an excellent attempt by Christine Feehan with her characters portrayal and creating massive unimaginable situations out of nowhere. This is a horror fiction genre and creates an atmosphere, which is highly apt and relatable with a horror genre of high class. This is part 6 of the A GhostWalker Novel Series.

The narration once again is done brilliantly by Tom Stechschulte in a very dominating and classy tone. He has been the chosen voice for the entire A GhostWalker Novel series, which shows how brilliant and versatile he is with his narration.

The story in Predatory Game novel revolves around Saber Wynter, who is try to get away from her past, which haunts her. Her desire to run far from her past exceeds when she meets an ex-Navy officer, Jess Calhoun, who is both emotionally and physically compromised with all mysteries associated with him.

This was also connected with the horrific history of his as a GhostWalker. Jess sees Saber as a very nice and kindhearted soul. He sees her as someone who is very desperate for sanctuary. Jess also offers her a job and a home to live, where she could easily reveal the secrets that she is keeping for a long time.

Deadly Game and Murder Game novels are also by Christine Feehan. Both these novels belong to the A GhostWalker Novel series and shows some of the best work done by Christine Feehan as a writer.

Even belonging to a single series, the novels under discussion here are quite versatile and beautifully encapsulates a range of genres, while sticking to the basic theme of the storyline of the novel series. You must check them out to give yourself a great chance of entertainment.





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    Deadly Game

    Murder Game


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