By Darkness Forged


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    Getting back in business has been fun for Ishmael, there has been profit approaching him in quite a quick succession. Showing a reluctance to join the whole thing again was perhaps a mistake, since the day he rejoined his friend in In Ashes Born his life has become awesome. Voyage in outer space has helped him to tackle the troubles which have been haunting his mind for years. No more past items trouble Ishmael’s brain now as he is ready to start a business with no apparent loss.

    By Darkness Forged

    He has cargo with him which he can trade for almost anything because it is precious. But he is looking for the highest bidder and doesn’t want to waste the opportunity at all. It is during this time that he meets the owner of the Dark Knight station.  With him, the business seems to get a boom because he presents a priceless offer for the cargo. Nathan Lowell’s brilliance as an author gets the story going in the trilogy. The author makes the hero confront his inner demons one by one after which he emerges as a more confident figure.

    The maturity of Ishmael remains the strength of this part narrated by Jeffrey Kafer once again. In To, Fire Called the hero was not sure whether he was taking the right step or not. Further something from the inside was teasing him a lot but here all those elements get erased forever. Book does not possess high drama but some scenes turn the course of the story within no time. Interesting as always the third part of the series is a sure fan favorite.

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