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Clinton Cash in a nonfictional book based on politics. It is written by Peter Schweizer, where he exposed many US politicians from recent times. This particular book tells the untold story of the former president of USA Bill Clinton and how the foreign businesses and governments helped Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary to become rich so quick? Walter Dixon has beautifully handled the narration of this book, which makes it even more fun to listen.

Peter Schweizer himself has been fighting corruption for many years and was winning it as well. He completely exposed the members of Congress with insider trading in Throw Them All Out. In Extortion, he exposed politicians, who employs the mafia like tactics for the sake of enriching themselves. Moreover, in Clinton Cash book, he exposed President Clinton with his huge money machine, which eventually triggered an FBI investigation against him.

In this book, the author Peter Schweizer specifically talks about the troubling dealings of Bill Clinton in Kazakhstan, Haiti, Colombia and a few other places. These dealings were all at the Wild West fringe of the world economy and this was where the business is usually conducted on the foundation of personal connections and bribes as well. The author didn’t allege any unethical or illegal behavior. Rather, he just shares the troubling facts that he has actually uncovered. Things were deeply researched and rigorously sourced and the revelations against Bill Clinton made headlines in the newspapers of United States. 

Peter Schweizer almost always writes on political matters and most of the time, it is about corruption and related topics. A couple of his popular books on the same lines are Do as I Say (Not As I Do) and Secret Empires.

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