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This is a fiction novel. This story is consisting of literature. This beautiful novel is written by Jonathan Franzen. He is an American. He wrote many novels and essays. He was rewarded with Franzen a Nation Book Award. He wrote for many movies. His best movies are The Central Park Effect, Emptying The Skies, Ferrante Fever, and The Correction. His fabulous books are Freedom, The Twenty-Seventh City, Farther Away, The Discomfort, How to be Alone, The End of The Earth, Strong Motion, Purity, The Krause Project, and My Father’s Brain.  If you want to listen his best then do refer to his The Corrections and Crossroads (German edition) audio. These books are receiving fairly good reviews from listeners.

The narrator of this story is David Pittu. David Pittu is a wonderful narrator. He did a great job. He narrated the novel with an energetic voice. His voice takes you to the depth of the novel and you became a part of the novel. You can listen more from this good narrator.

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The story starts with the characters who are facing some disputes among their family. The main characters of the novel are Russ Hildebrandt, his wife, and his three children. The weather is predicted very heavy snow. The city is Chicago. Russ’s marriage is in crisis. His elder son was stuck off from college. His younger son Perry is a better boy. His daughter Becky is a brilliant student. Each of his children wants freedom. They threaten each other.

The story is a family crisis-based story. I love the story with interesting dialogues. Suspense makes the story amazing. I have to listen to it twice. I recommend this story to young couples who start their marriage life, so they can learn how to solve family problems. Member Benefit

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