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    Cytonic is the third book in The Skyward Series. It is a teen and young adult novel which is written by Brandon Sanderson. He is one of the finest writers of our times in science fiction and epic fantasy genres. He is loved for his amazing Cosmere fictional universe where most of his fantast novels are set. His most notable work if in The Skyward Series, The Stormlight Archive and Mistborn series. If you talk about his novels separately then there is nothing better than The Lost Metal novel in his literary archives. You will also find his Words of Radiance as a very close second.

    Suzy Jackson is here for the narration of this book. She is a reliable narrator and her performance for the book was simply outstanding and you will love experiencing this book in audio for sure.


    The life of Spensa in the capacity of a Defiant Defense Force pilot was quite extraordinary. She proved herself as one among the top most star-fighters in Detritus. She was the one who saved lives of her people at the hands of Krell. He was an inscrutable specie of alien and had been keeping people as captors for many decades. She even traveled light years as an undercover spy from her home to infiltrate the Superiority. She learned there about the galaxy that was beyond the desolate and small planet of her.

    The Superiority with the governing galactic alliance was hell bent on dominating the entire mankind. The galaxy-wide war has just started.

    The book will surely make a fascinating read and most of you a big fan of the author and as well as the narrator for doing such a tremendous job.

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