The Never Army


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    Third book is here and if some of you have missed the first two then you have lost a lot of fun. This is an opportunity for every listener to get the best created by none other than the legend who created The Never Hero and The Never Paradox. It is T. Ellery Hodges who created these fabulous books and along with this novel as well. This is a series about the gates that open between different worlds and this is not a good news at all. These gates allow different creatures to enter different worlds and invade them as well.

    So whenever a gate is opened then there is a threat that an army of the dark creatures would come out of it and attack on the weak. There is one man who knows all about it and his name is Jonathan Tibbs. Jonathan was an ordinary human being until he was taken to these mysterious gates and then he became one of those who protects the human world from the upcoming dangers. The dangers are so grave that an ordinary mind cannot understand any of it. Jonathan has tried to make it understandable for others but it was of no use.

    The Never Army

    Now he wants five nuclear warheads to get the job done but no one is going to give him that kind of fire power without any evidence. There is no time to explain because the time is running out so Jonathan has to steal the nuclear warheads if they don’t hand them over to him. It’s a big and devastating mission and if anything goes wrong there would be catastrophe and nothing else.

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