Young Rich Widows


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    Young Rich Widows is a thriller. The title contains comes from four different authors Kimberly Belle. Cate Holahan, Layne Fargo, and Vanessa Lillie. They all did a great job writing an entertaining thriller.

    The audio narration of Young Rich Widows is done by Diana Pearlman, Helen laser, Karissa Vacker, and Ariel Blake. It was a very solid performance overall by all the narrators.

    The story of this novel is set in Providence, Rhode Island, and it is the year 1985. Four different partners of a significant mafia-linked law firm got killed in a private airplane that went down right outside NYC. That was also the time when four completely different women lost the loves of their lives. Justine was a former model who was trying to settle down in suburban life. Camille was a charming second wife and some people thought her to be a gold digger.

    Young Rich Widows

    Krystle was committed to leaving behind the law firm for her sons after her better half worked hard all his life to support them. Meredith finally was a stripper working at a local club. She was having a secret affair with the sole female partner of the law firm.

    The crash was initially ruled out as a tragic accident but there were some definite doubts, especially since the team was not expected to be in New York on the day of the crash. Soon it also got revealed that a lot of money also got burned with the plane.

    The four authors came together with four phenomenal widows to form a highly entertaining thriller book experience. You must note that this book comes with really distressing situations, strong language, and then a description of violence as well.

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