Dead Reckoning

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Conspiracies have flooded in Sookie’s life both in the human and the vampire world, she can run but then she has left running away from dangers. Going into dangers and facing the treacheries of the enemies are her daily routines. One thing she cannot bear between all of this is her friends being targeted by the villains.

Charlaine Harris shifts the scenes a little and Sookie’s friends too stand against her in this eleventh part. Bill and Sam were the joys of her life and then she saw in Eric’s mind that was full of emotions for her. Since Dead and Gone: Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Mystery #9 and Dead In the Family she has been living with Eric and now he turns against Sookie’s ideas. Eric along with Pam is planning to kill a vampire which is of course not his basic nature.

It looks like someone is controlling Eric’s mind and forcing him to commit such an act. Dermot and Claud who came to Sookie in the last part are still living in her house which is an extra burden on her mind because they really give her a headache. Amelia another character enters in the life of Sookie and damages her relationship with Eric a great deal.

In the end it looks like she is back with Bill who still has a lot of love for her. Finally Johanna Parker gets firm hold of the narration, the narration suffered a lot in the last part but here it is back on track. There was a lot of mixing of scenes and a huge number of characters that made things troublesome for the narrator but the comeback is fine.



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