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The safety of the human race lies in the hands of the Hell Divers because it is they who have been extracting things that are needed from the earth. The rest of the survivors just wait and pray for the safety of the Hell Divers most of the time. Michael Everhart and his team landed on the planet for the same kind of mission but conspiracies made them suffer badly.

They were left on the planet intentionally; the problem is that they cannot do anything about it now. All they can do is hope to find a new ship for shelter and protection against the deadly planetary conditions. Luckily the hopes bore fruit and they reach Deliverance which is another airship of course not like the one which is snatched from them but ample for their use.

Nicholas Sansbury Smith awakes the old veteran here as the team under Michael’s command comes to know that Xavier is still alive out there. They plan to bring the soldier home after this long toil in tough conditions of the planet. Meanwhile, Jordan brings hell on those who are present in the airship so that they obey whatever he says. But when the new news breaks about another ship Jordan plans for rapid action against his enemies.

R.C. Bray adds fuel to the story with his voice, stage is set now for Hell Divers V: Captives and Hell Divers VI: Allegiance in which there are clear signs of raw action. Both sides will not hold back any longer now as they know what the other wants, the long-hidden secrets are finally brought to light and the true faces are revealed.

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    Hell Divers II: Ghosts



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