Devil to Pay

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Time after time Jeaniene Frost just takes out the secondary characters from her pocket and puts them in the place of the main characters in the novel. Such parts ignore the main story along with the main characters.

There are different points of view regarding this odd nature of the series that Frost usually produces.  For some critics, Frost does this kind of stuff to relax the audience a little. According to many fans, the author’s creation of such episodes proves that her stories are a natural outburst of her mind that’s why nothing is ever planned. Blake Turner is the one whom Tavia Gilbert narrates this time instead of Bones and Catherine but this is just the start.


Catherine and Bones appear in the story at a later stage. Blake’s soul is captured by a demon that makes him commit hideous things that he would not have imagined in life. He kills people and loses control of his body whenever he tries to help others. He even talks and works against Catherine and Bones that make them start a campaign against him. Only Elise, another creature of the same category can help Blake because the legendary couple of Halfway to the Grave and One Foot in the Grave is also against him.

Bones along with Catherine even want to kill him at one point when they find no other way to stop the killing. For the sake of humanity, the two thought that it would be better to get rid of the trash-talking Blake rather than try to help him. This brief story can be listened without listening to the rest of the series as it is not linked to it.


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