Fallen Angels


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    Fallen Angels is a novel written by Mike Lee. As per the many feedbacks and reviews received by the audience and critics of this novel respectively, the author Mike Lee has done a phenomenal job in pulling this one off successfully. It is the book 1 of The Hours Heresy novel series, which is a highly grasping contemporary science fiction novel series.

    Gareth Armstrong has given the narration of this novel, through his dynamic and expressive voice. It turned out to be a great audio book experience, where the top quality content from the author made it very much soothing for the listener.

    Fallen Angels

    With the critical news of the treachery of Warmaster Horus spreading all across the galaxy, the great Crusade comes to a standstill, just as the primarchs along with the Legions made up their mind that where their loyalty is tilted. Is it either with the rebellious Warmaster or the Emperor?

    The Dark Angels too have their share of time of testing, which is right among the stars in the galaxy and also with Caliban, which is their home place or the home world.

    Fallen Angels

    Mike Lee might be a novice writer, but whatever little work he has done is phenomenal in every aspect of the literary writing way. He has already earned a good fan base for his contemporary science fiction novels and has shown that how capable he is with his literary skillset and his ability to craft amazing characters and a highly engaging storyline. Another quality novel from Mike Lee that will give you a great joyful time with a book with excellent content, then do check out the audio book of Wolf at the Door.

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