Tales of Heresy


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    Tales of heresy is part 10 of The Horus Heresy saga. It is an excellent contemporary science fiction novel. It has multiple exciting stories within one audio book, which are all written by different writers. The writers included behind the production of different novels in this collection are Dan Abnett, Anthony Reynolds, Mike Lee, Gav Thorpe and James Shallow.

    On the other hand, for the narration of this audio book for all the short stories is done by a rich list of narrators, whose names in no specific order are Gareth Armstrong, Jonathan Keeble, Emma Gregory, Peter Whickam and Toby Longworth.

    Tales of Heresy

    At the time, when the Warmaster Horus set for a battle against the Emperor then the ensuing war was just at the brink of destroying the entire Imperium. The ongoing war raged the entire galaxy, where nothing was save and nobody was coming as victorious. The only thing winning all this was death only.

    You just need to listen to this audio book because all the events shared in the novel from the Great Crusade and also through the early times of Heresy are explored in a lucrative saga of short stories.

    Al the short stories here covers Word Bearers, Space Wolves, Dark Angels, World Eaters, Custodian Guard, Sisters of Silence and the Emperor himself, which are all within a unique story, which will have you challenging your own assumptions related to the Master of Mankind.

    When Warmaster Horus set himself against the Emperor, the civil war almost had him and his men just near a complete destruction of Imperium.  War spread all across the galaxy and things were quickly getting out of control. It looked that everything will end soon.


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