A Splendid Ruin


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    I was excited for this book cuz I love historical fiction but this one fell flat for me. The story seems to go on and on forever and the main character, May Kimble was kind of irritating. She was so trusting and naive which I suppose she had to be to put her in the situation that IMO she got in. And while I love a good romance I feel like the romance in this story was a little forced and I certainly could have done without it. I was reading along while listening to this story and I’m not sure if it’s just the formatting of the ebook but there’s no discernible paragraphs or indents for characters’ dialogues. It was really hard to read, but Carly Robbins did a superb job narrating. So kudos to her!

    Carly Robins did a wonderful job narrating a story that just seemed to fizzle out in the end. Even the author seemed to be throwing everything at it towards the last hour of narration but it was too late and not satisfying. It took a long time for naive May Kimble, the main character, to smarten and toughen up and then to seek revenge. The romance part of the book came too late and was unnecessary. However, I enjoyed how the San Francisco earthquake literally saved her from her mistakes. All in all, the story was OK and a pleasant read.

    A Splendid Ruin

    I loved this. I was so upset when it ended. My mother said “maybe she wrote other books.” I was happy to see “A Drop of Ink.” that book was just as great and again, I was sad when it ended. I had become wrapped up in every character, in both books. In these times, with such anxiety, sometimes audible books help. They have to be very good or the anxiety breaks through. Not so with Megan Chance books. I cannot wait to listen to her other books. Wonderful story. Fantastic author and I enjoyed the narration in both.

    I wasn’t sure if I would like this audiobook. I do like the gilded age and the great earthquake of San Francisco is of great interest.
    The story by Megan Chance delivered a taste of the events and so much more. Betrayal, Murder, a Woman finding her place in the world and what really is of worth. This and so much more.
    The audio presentation was very good.

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