Diamonds Are Forever

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When the third chapter started several hints were there to show the sure downfall of an era and with it the end of the Diamond family. Clear signs indicated the end of the rule of a family that dominated the underworld for decades. Any outsider never harmed the family so much as the family’s members. Carter here thinks he has enough of this barbaric life so he plans of departing from the whole thing. The family also has suspicions about Carter from the start of The Cartel 3: The Last Chapter so he thinks to move away. Zyir holds the cartel now along with Breeze who is finally free and has the power to control the lives of other people now.

Together the two start their strong reign in Miami city and leave no option for the enemy except to run away or get a bullet in the head. It is a new era that Cary Hite narrates and perhaps the most deadly one which the town has ever witnessed.  The situation however remains under the control of the cartel and no enmity remains on the land except for a person who lands out of nowhere with a secret at hand.

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The strange-looking man that goes directly to Carter to break the secret which he has been hiding since The Cartel. The secret is so devastating that it changes the course of the game once again. The family gets tormented and the race for supremacy among the members of the Diamond family starts yet again. Dead bodies are soon on the streets of Miami as a war breaks out which could end only in catastrophe. Member Benefit

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