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The fifth part opens with the human race harping on the same tune, the scientists and the learned men are still searching the New Earth for several reasons. One of the prime reasons is the issue of security of the colony. Secondly they think that it is time for them to settle and root out any evil if it exists on the land still. The predators that were a major threat in Sanctuary is not an issue any more, but the things that are discovered are really spooky. The planet has the remains of an alien species that has vanished from the face of the planet years ago but what was the cause of their eradication is a mystery.

One thing is for sure that the alien race was not a coward or weak race it was a part of large battles in the past that resulted in its extinction. But then where is the other group that won that battle from the aliens. Connor like always searches in his own way and luckily finds a something that could prove to be a sign of bad luck for the colony.

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Everything that the people of the colony discovered were incorrect and the aliens are not gone rather they are hiding and the colony has landed not on a planet but in a trap. Ken Lozito really toys with the life and struggle of the character at most places but keeps the audience interested at all levels.

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    Sanctuary First Colony, Book 4



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